Solar Rural Dwellers (RD) Series 2


With the ever increasing demand for constant and stable power supply in Nigeria, the UD 1 eliminates the frustration from the shortages of power supply experienced from the National grid. It provides power for Small shops, offices or Huts with up to 6 bulbs, 2 fans, 1 TV, 1 Laptop, phones, Gadgets and sockets.

Product Description

Features and Technical Specification:

700W Inverter

2x250W high efficiency solar panels

  • 1x52AH Solar VRLA battery
  • 2.0 High speed hub USB ports for plugging of mobile and peripheral devices
  • Provides the auto-switch feature that ensures the Solar system picks up immediately there is power outage from your Grid source of power supply
  • Highly portable system with specialized four turning wheels for easy movement to any direction.
  • Contains strategically placed specialized venting system for the cooling of the battery units and other electrical components.
  • Twin deck metal handles for easy carriage.
  • Standard plug and play feature with notable advantage of no complex connections, no loss time, less risk etc.
  • Housed in a non-conducting frame that limits the concern of electrocution in the event of current leakage or any other unforeseen challenge.
  • Digital display for proper identification of the electric loads incurred by the system for audit, maintenance and safety purposes.
  • Integrated switch function for charging between Grid and Solar.
  • Auto-Cutoff system for over-charging & discharging, short-circuit, low voltage, overheating, reverse connection, inrush voltage and over-load.
  • Hybrid input power source of both AC Source and Solar Power Source.
  • 30Amps Effective Solar charge controller
  • 4 Dedicated DC USB sockets

Our System has a warranty of One (1) year with Twenty-Five (25) years guarantee of effective performance.

Our newly designed products offers aesthetics to the core ruggedized in operation and have gone through many stages of evolution over time with each new one having a better feature than the previous. Our driving force on each modification is to arrive at a product that meets all engineering design, a product that customers can trust to be reliable at all times and most especially a product that is simple to operate. We have achieved this feat together with our expert engineers in various Renewable Energy areas who have received industrial exposure, academic training and international experiences. Our aim is to ensure that all Households, Offices, and Business places have sufficient and reliable energy at cost effective prices.

The plug and play solution comes with an integrated switch that allows you to switch between charging the batteries from solar – generator or Grid power. We ensured all electrical connections were properly embedded inside the system for space conservation & design beautification. The only requirement from the user is to plug his Load to the Output of the system and then plug our product to a charging port. With the solar port for charging, off-grid energy is provided for the client from the power of the sun. We also ensure site monitoring to ensure best practices, and are open as to location of job, and are willing to travel far for such jobs.

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