African Sustainable Energies (AFSENERGIES) works directly with African Energy & Consulting (AE&C), which is located in Enschede, the Netherlands, to provide a smooth and reliable transition for European companies hoping to or already invest(ing) in Africa and for African companies hoping to or already conduct(ing) business in Europe. The team put together possesses an extensive experience in Consulting, research, and appropriate connections around the world with emphasis on organizational networks across Europe and Africa. AE&C has also signed multiple partnerships with institutions and individual professors to carry out research in the field of economics, energy, development of developing economies, determining the feasibility of investments in different sectors in Africa’s local economies.


• Providing seamless advice for organizations and companies hoping to invest in Africa and African companies hoping to invest or carry out business activities in Europe.
• We provide accurate data and risk analysis for organizations that are interested in investing in Africa’s growing economy.
• Using our developed mathematical and economic models, we help organizations in determining the optimal and best location(s) for locating their businesses and/ or branches. (To request a public copy of past projects please email:
• We execute market research in African economies for European companies to determine the probability of success in specific markets taking into account, demographical data, location, historical influences etc.
• AE&C provides up-to-date security issues and advice customers on the benefit and consequences of investing in certain countries rather than depending on invalid media information.
• We assist organizations in decision making processes taking into account, minimizing costs, maximizing profits and security issues.
• For specific organizational requests please send an email to: or


• We provide consultation for our African clients and stakeholders hoping to execute business activities in the European economy.
• We assist in carrying out market research in European economies for African establishments.
• We act as a bridge for African organization hoping to find the best companies in specific sectors to carry out trade transactions or business activities.
• Using our developed mathematical and economic models, we help organizations in determining the optimal and best location(s) for locating their businesses and/ or branches. (To request a public copy of past projects please email:
• Providing assistance to institutions and bodies in creating awareness, providing consultancy in assuring long term sustainability and growth of local economies.


Research, Innovation and Development is a vital part of African Energy & Consulting and African Sustainable Energies. We constantly engage in research and development of business processes to provide seamless and accurate information for organizations considering inter-continental investments. As the African economy constantly improves our research on the African market widens. Innovation is also important to the culture of our organization, and as such, we support innovative organizations and individuals with the drive to succeed.


We assist various Organizations, Individuals, Companies and Government Agencies to determine the best energy conservation practices for their business. We believe in servicing this limited market better than existing firms as we have better service packages and possess an extensive knowledge of various Energy Conservation Practices. We would therefore like to get acquainted with your Organization at little or no costs to you.


We ensure the environmental protection of Africa by providing sustainable, clean, cheap, and efficient and carbon neutral fuels. The majority of Energy in Africa happens to be generated from fossil fuel, gasoline, essential oil or even nuclear energy. These types of energies harm environmental surroundings by the excessive emission of carbon and associated gases into our Environment. Also, the actual increasing costs associated with these carbon energy sources, atmosphere hardship as well as politics issues tend to be amazingly increasing the damage to our environment and all of us. In order to flex in the direction of green assets, Energies such as solar energy, wind energy, bio-fuels as well as hydro energy tend to be the green assets that are desired today.

We strive to ensure an Eco friendly Environment by partnering with various Environmental Agencies and Governmental bodies worldwide.


We execute and manage various energy projects in Africa. It is the intent and policy of AFSENERGIES to meet the quality requirements of projects by designing, installing and supervising energy facilities in strict conformity with recognized and sound engineering practices, applicable codes, regulatory requirements and contractual commitments. If you require more information please do contact us:

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