The actual anchor in our world is without a doubt Sustainable Energies. It offers the foundation for the development of the human race on our Planet. Even though, the actual constant utilization of all of the energies possess limitation to the actual exercise due to more than average usage or even additional factors which have influenced upon the way we live our lives. At AFSENERGIES, we believe in the Provision of Sustainable Energies for Africa that will outlast our generation and that of our kids.


Our Professional design and Engineering teams are considered some of the best energy experts in the industry. We custom design your energy system to ensure it produces more with less – less space and money out of your pocket. Be it Solar systems, Wind systems, Hydro systems, Bio-Fuel systems and Gas Plant systems, we deliver. Your design includes each and every system component including the type and quantity of energy system and inverters used. Moreover, the design is done based on your facility’s existing architecture and your projected electrical needs for the next two decades! Our engineers complete a structural analysis of your facility and produce complete structural design and electrical blueprints. As with all of our projects, AFSENERGIES submits the plans to your local government to obtain all necessary building permits so you do not have to worry. Our Solar and Wind energy systems are further explained in our Solar & Wind Engineering Services.


We efficiently design and install electrical systems which are critical to the successful completion of any energy system of any business. This process begins with an energy audit; the analysis and understanding of a facility’s power needs. We careful plan, design and ensure appropriate sizing and sourcing of equipment such as transformers, switchgear and distribution panels (conversely inefficient planning often results in oversized equipment and unnecessary costs incurred by the facility owner). Finally, we ensure smart wiring & electrical installation must be carried out with precision to ensure building’s safety and enhance ability to trace and rectify any electrical faults. Our highly effective electrical engineers ensure the highest Quality and strict adherence to national and international safety codes. We handle Integrated wiring systems with various sources of energies, be it Solar, Wind, Diesel Generators, Grid & Off-Grid power sources. We also provide 1year service Warranty for complete installation jobs which includes a monthly visit for the12 months to ensure a smooth and hitch free operation of the Electrical System design.


The feasibility study of Renewable Energy Technologies is a very important stage of any project. Ideally a visit is made to the site first and what needs to be done at the site include;

• Clarify exactly what the customer want the system to do
• Clarify if any later expansion of the system is planned
• Make an assessment of the system energy requirements and financial requirements
• Establish the pattern of system use
• Establish the degree of power security needed
• Assess installation logistics and life cycle cost analysis

After we have identified probable technologies through the screening process, a detailed review of the feasibility and economic viability of each renewable energy technology, also called a renewable energy feasibility study, can determine which combination of renewable energy technologies most effectively meet the energy requirements and goals. When integrating renewable energy into a new construction project or major renovation, this level of renewable energy assessment will typically be commissioned by the design team and should be completed during to the schematic design phase. Our feasibility study gets into details used to choose technologies and options within a technology type, such as the scale of wind turbine or the type of solar thermal systems to best reach project goals. We deliver feasibility studies on promising concepts or perform reviews and due diligence on chosen energy measures.


The growth in wind and solar electricity generation has prompted utilities to consider energy storage as a way to manage supply and demand. Wind turbines and solar arrays only produce power at certain times of the day, and their power output can diminish quickly when the wind dies or the sun hides behind the clouds. That sudden drop is bad news for utilities, which will have to turn up their other, often fossil fuel-based power plants to make up for the shortfall. Nighttime wind power is considered the most economical form of electrical power with which to synthesize other energy forms, because the load curve for electricity peaks sharply during the warmest hours of the day, but wind tends to blow slightly more at night than during the day. Therefore, the price of nighttime wind power is often much less expensive than any alternative. We offer a combined integrated energy system of both wind and solar energies, whereby they complement each other. We have various battery systems and partner with various International Organizations to ensure that utilities don’t find other power sources to fill in during that powering-up period. We aim at the combination of Integrated Energy Systems to increase the efficiency, conservation, and Optimization of Renewable energy resources, thereby allowing Africans to meet any future increase in energy demand without increasing its reliance on non-renewable resources.

At AFSENERGIES, we design, set up and install integrated Energy Systems that are expected to meet grid and off-grid needs.


If you plan on using battery power for everything, you will need a Powerful Inverter. Since the majority of modern systems all run on 220 volts AC, the Powerful Inverter will be the heart of your Solar Energy System. It not only converts the low voltage DC to the 220 volts AC that runs most appliances but also can charge the batteries if connected to the utility grid or a AC Generator as in the case of a totally independent stand-alone solar power system. Our battery Systems store electrical energy in form of chemical reaction for later use. We have various types of batteries but the main type of battery used in our solar, and wind system is the lead acid, deep-cycle battery.

We make use of this kind of battery because it is designed to be discharge down as much as 80% time after time, and it also has thicker plates.


Alongside our Smart Wiring and Electrical Systems designs, we provide for our customers products and access for the viability and potential of renewable lightning, heating and cooling systems for their buildings, facility or site through:

• Data analysis and needs’ assessments
• Technical and financial feasibility studies
• Engineering & construction follow-up


Due diligence is required on renewable energy systems and portfolios. We analyze the technical risk profiles of renewable energy systems and deliver insight to lenders and investors on new investments. We use our reliable insight on renewable energies, data analysis and building/grid infrastructure to:
• Assess potential of renewable energy projects and identify risks
• Plan and design installations for optimal performance, based on reliable long-term yield estimations
• Provide independent analyses, performance reviews and reports

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