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Globally from year 2005 to year 2010, solar photovoltaic (PV) capacity increased six fold to more than 16 giga watts (GW), wind power capacity increased 250 percent to 121 GW, and total power capacity from new renewable energies increased 75 percent to 280 GW. During the same period, solar heating capacity doubled to 145 gigawatts-thermal (GWth), while biofuel production increased six fold to 12 billion litres per year and ethanol production doubled to 67 billion litres per year. At AFSENERGIES, we strive to provide you with the best sustainable, cheap, and Efficient Energy system.


Hybrid systems have proven to be the excellent solution of generating electricity in areas with no utility service. Hybrid system combines multiple sources to supply steady and reliable energy to consumers. Common system configurations often include one or more renewable energy (Photovoltaic PV, wind, etc.), battery storage, and an engine generator for back-up. The majority of existing hybrid systems are DC coupled, where all the electricity sources are connected to a single battery source. The loads are then powered either directly from the battery bank or via AC from the inverters.


A back-up system does not make use of the solar panel or wind mill; it only makes use of the battery and the inverter as it main components. The energy from the grid station or an AC generator passes through the inverter which charges the batteries. But in situations where there is power outbreak from the grid station or AC generator, the energy stored in the batteries now passes through the inverter which in turn produces electricity.


The stand alone system makes use of only solar energy system or wind energy to generate electricity. The stand alone system can either be an AC coupled system or a DC coupled system. For DC coupled system, the DC energy generated by the panel from the sun is stored directly in the batteries, and then to the loads. In other word, the loads are design to operate using only DC energy. Examples of such devices are, solar street lights, solar water heating system, solar refrigerators, etc. For an AC coupled system, the DC energy generated by the panel from the sun is stored directly in the batteries and then converted into AC using an inverter. The AC is then fed to the loads.


Before we renovate/remodel an existing solar/wind energy system, we consider investing in energy efficiency. We’ll save you energy and money, and your facility will be more comfortable and durable. In an existing energy system, the first step is to conduct an energy audit to find out how your facility uses energy and determine the best ways to cut energy use and costs. Then we proceed to adjust the existing system to meet the new energy requirement. For Solar systems, remodeling to meet a higher energy demand has never been easier with our expertise. We ensure that old systems come back to life, and non functioning batteries are replaced with highly efficient ones. For Wind systems, redesigning a wind farm for high performance is a balancing act. It involves matching the right turbine technology and layout to the grid constraints, terrain and wind climate of a site while ensuring accessibility, limiting environmental impact, and optimizing financial performance.


We aim at being the number one leading solar panel cleaning company in Africa on large scale ground mount and rooftop arrays. We strive at improving the efficiency of solar panels through this. For a free quote or to ask a question, email us on If you have any further questions or require more information please do contact us:

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