Company overview

AFSEnergies is a technological energy company focused on generating and providing sustainable energies (Solar, Wind, Bio-fuels & gas) opportunities in the energy industry.

We consist of a team of scholars, graduates and experts with experience in Consulting, Energy and trade to meet World Class Standards. The team put together possess an extensive experience in Energy, Consulting and appropriate connections around the world and with organizational networks across Europe and Africa. The distinctiveness of AFSEnergies consists in particular of the fact that we have more knowledge and expertise of the African  Renewable Energies market and consulting firms that only operate from Europe and Africa.

Through the team and network of AFSE and African Sustainability & Development Group (AS&DG), assistance can be provided that includes mediation with local authorities, advice on Energy consumption in different locations, accepting the right contracts, translations and maintaining relationships. AFSEnergies is also involved in the application and management of renewable Energies (Solar, Wind, Bio-fuels & Hydro Energies) including Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) sustainability and development in Africa. We are also keen on the development of local economies to create jobs for locals and spread the awareness of sustainable development.

The company was formed as a profit making entity with the intention to leverage the Managements’ years of experience, Knowledge and Network in the Energy Industry. We believe in our core values and we also encourage diversity and Initiative.
Our senior management team has 10+ years approximate experience in Energy projects globally. The team has worked together for long, delivering various solutions to energy problems.



To ensure that Households, Offices, Buildings, Facilities and Business places have sufficient, reliable, and sustainable energy at cost effective prices by consulting, designing, procuring, supplying, installing and maintaining various energy systems including Solar, Wind, Hydro, Biofuel and Gas.



“To be a clear leader in the provision of energy solutions for over Five (5) Million African homes using innovative and eco-friendly technologies.”



“We aim to provide clean and affordable energy to homes and businesses as to improve economic development in Africa. We strive to provide quality services by constantly monitoring our supply chain.”

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