Gas Operations (LPG, LNG)

Engineering Designs


Marketing and Distribution of LPG and LNG.

Provision of Offshore Equipments, Services and Manpower

Africa especially Nigeria imports much more gasoline as well as essential energy products compared to other countries in Africa. A lot of its providers have been stressed in the process of providing gas from unpredictable places. Putting the Continent subject to these types of harsh demand and supply where you are dependent on mostly imported energy offered from numerous political bodies as well as interpersonal agencies, provides a lack of efficient supply of petroleum gas, and its consequences.


Gas flaring has been a major concern the world over, especially to the oil and gas producing countries. This has resulted in the call for more investors into the petroleum gas industry by various Governmental bodies. Our operations are based on LPG and LNG. In our operational plant we use modernize equipment and facilities, which also includes visual screen monitors. The telecast is on how we operate. Where you go to fill your cylinders? What you do there? It also gives knowledge on the safety of these energies and their various usages.


We are power driven to give professionalism to every industrial sector that deals on energy. Our resource personnel will design models that will bring about transformation in the petroleum gas sector. Most especially as it concerns LPG and LNG modifications.


We provide logistics services, which includes; warehousing, shipping, and management and transportation of flammable gases and dangerous goods.


We are solely determined to bring LPG and LNG closest to the African market especially Nigeria. With the deregulation policy of government in the petroleum industry, product sales and distribution which gives room for more investors has channeled our focus. Through our services we would render from our state-of-the-art plant, the African populace would courageously welcome LPG and LNG as their source of fuel in heating their appliances, for cooking, as a refrigerant and no distant time in powering the automobiles. Our LPG and LNG tankers would also be available in distributing to industries and sales depots.


We offer our dynamic team of multi-skilled and professional based technical staff. Working confidently and creatively to meet the demands of the offshore environment. Our tools and equipment support individual specialist project requirements involved in offshore oil and gas maintenance, modifications, hook-up, and decommissioning. These includes; test and measurement equipment, electrical and mechanical equipment, lifting equipment and accessories, and environmental monitoring.


The Former Minister of Power in Nigeria, Prof. Chinedu Nebo, said that with the number of households in Nigeria put at 29 million, and at average consumption of one megawatt for about 500 homes, a maturing electricity supply industry in Nigeria should be producing some 60,000MW of power for household consumption every day. Of these, some 42 GW should be fuelled by gas. Today, Nigeria’s daily power output is about 4 GW of power of which some 3.1 GW is fuelled by about 880 MMscf/d. “The opportunity for gas fuelled IPPs are therefore at roughly 39 GW for which about 11 Bcf/d of gas will be required. If this gap was to be filled by IPPs of the size of Gbarain or Omoku, we would be looking at over 170 of them, each requiring some 60 MMscf/d”. For the country to adequately meet its power generation, the country would need about 70 per cent of gas produced to address the electricity industry demand. At AFSENERGIES, we believe that gas growth needs have to be met through dedicated gas developments, targeted at producing gas for power and exploitation of non-associated gas. For specific organizational request or more info, please send an email to:

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