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Bio-Fuel Generation

The future of Africa lies in the generation and sustainability of clean and efficient energies. The actual developmental requirement for thoroughly clean, green and carbon neutral power resources has been an issue for several years. Brand new technical advancements and techniques within the energy industry as well as growing developments with the present commercial energy systems may just result in the final outcome which thoroughly presents clean energy option for future years.


Considering the fact that the sun provides enough energy in one hour to meet the world’s annual electricity demand, we at AFSENERGIES have designed various systems to provide sustainable energy for you. Our Commercial Solar systems are utilized in order to transform mild sunlight into efficient energy that supplies you cheap power. Furthermore, this source of energy doesn’t bring about air pollution and is easily applicable in a variety of industries such as farming, transport, or even living environments such as Office Complexes, Villages, Schools, Estates, Restaurants, Banks, Churches, Hotels, Hostels, Households, and everyday tasks such as Cooking food, heating systems, Water Pumps, etc. We also provide multiple Rooftop Solar PV Systems, Commercial field PV systems, Integrated Solar & Wind Systems, amongst others. For specific organizational requests or more info, please send an email to:


Windmills have been utilized for several years to generate Energy because of the sustainability and zero air pollution. Wind Energy is actually an environmentally friendly energy that can power Office Complexes, Schools, Estates, Restaurants, Banks, Churches, Hotels, Hostels, and Households amongst others. We at AFSENERGIES strive to ensure that we provide the best wind mill design, and installation for your energy need. We specialize at Personal and Commercial Wind Energy Generation to power buildings, estates, and villages as the case maybe. We are also working with various partners and undergoing trainings to enable us power cities and towns. Let us help you to construct your wind generator. For specific organizational requests or more info, please send an email to:


We also generate hydro energy produced through churning water by using substantial machines such as dams, run-of-the-river or even pumped storage space. Due to the large nature of Hydro Plants construction, we partner and work with various International Organisations to execute such projects. Whatever your Hydro Plant design or need is, we will execute it for you. Our experienced Hydro Engineers, and Architectural Engineers aim at shaping Africa’s Hydro Reserves for the next big power generation source. For specific organizational request or more info, please send an email to:


Over 6years ago, NNPC set up a Renewable Energy Division (RED) to develop private sector driven investments in ethanol production as alternatives to fossil fuels. This has been a slow take off. We at AFSENERGIES conduct various experiments on bio-fuels. We hope to produce and distribute a more conventional bio-fuel that is cheaper, cleaner and sustainable. We also strive to produce and bio-fuels that don’t compete with our human daily food needs. For specific organizational request or more info, please send an email to:

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