Solar, Wind or Hydro Energies System Design

Metal Construction and Installation

Solar Roofs and Windows Design for hot Climates

Throughout Africa, project owners, and builders will look to us as their exterior energy specialist. Our exterior designs will help to provide energy to hundreds of new buildings every year. No matter the size or function, our expertise at exterior energy design sets us apart from your typical energy company. With all the exciting new designs and applications for energy construction, our customers will find that our systems perform far above the competition.


We provide high quality on site exterior construction, installation and modification services for Sustainable Energy Projects in Africa such as Solar, Wind, Bio-fuel or Hydro Systems. We also provide in-house engineering, design, and shop fabrication services. Quality, craftsmanship and innovation are trademarks. Let us bring the experience of innovation to work for you using best practices. When it comes to quality construction and innovative products, we deliver. Quality and customer service come together with AFSENERGIES.


Our team at AFSENERGIES has over 10 years of combined experience in the commercial metal and construction business. We are very knowledgeable in all types of energy construction but our particular area of expertise is architectural metal design, shop fabrication and installation. It incorporates the results of multiple field inspections, independent laboratory analyses of metallic corrosion of panels, components and sealants, and includes assessment of all integral ancillary components that impact the end of Solar, Wind, Gas or hydro service life. When a metal energy construction is employed on a project, it seems to heighten people’s awareness of lightning and some question whether or not the use of metallic construction increases the risk of lightning strike. Metal construction does not in any way increase this risk.


Solar roofs and Windows have long been considered a product of choice for hot areas because of their superior response and tolerance to various characteristics of these environments. We provide and design with the information required, to make a prudent and informed decision through awareness of some general design parameters and hot phenomena. We foresee a future with houses in Africa being covered and powered by solar windows, and roofs. Contact us for assistance during design or pre-construction for specifics about your project on info@afsenergies.com. We offer energy design build services and design assist services. Send us a mail today to discuss your energy system design needs. By providing full energy exterior service and installation for you, you’ll never have a problem with our designs be it solar, wind, hydro, bio-fuel or gas designs. We have extensive partners and take the time with pre-construction design services to ensure that when the crews hit the site, everything will come together just as designed. That’s because energy design is our specialty, and we aim at being the best in the business. Our services also extend to interiors, and our energy columns covers help showcase your buildings features, not the materials. Energy columns cover help finish the look and prepare your building for its other interior finishes.

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